Alphabet des Lebens
Alphabet of Life

Innovation and Design inspired by Nature

Biomimicry — from the Greek, bios, meaning “life”, and mimesis, meaning “to imitate”, is an emerging discipline with an ancient practice.

Essential Elements

The practice of biomimicry embodies three interconnected, but unique ingredients; the three Essential Elements of Biomimicry represent the foundation of the biomimicry meme. By combining the essential elements, bio-inspired design becomes biomimicry.

— The ethos element forms the essence of our ethics, our intentions, and our underlying philosophy for why we practice biomimicry. Ethos represents our respect for, responsibility to, and gratitude for our fellow species and our home. — The (re)connect element reinforces the understanding that, while seemingly “separate,” people and nature are actually deeply intertwined. We are nature. (Re)connecting is a practice and a mindset that explores and deepens this relationship between humans and the rest of nature. — The emulate element brings the principles, patterns, strategies, and functions found in nature to inform design. Emulation is about being proactive in achieving the vision of humans fitting in sustainably on earth.

26 Biomimicry Life Principles

Life Principles are design lessons from Nature. Based on the recognition that Life on Earth is interconnected and interdependent, Life has evolved a set of strategies that have sustained over 3.8 billion years. Life’s Principles represent these overarching patterns found amongst the species surviving and thriving on Earth.

Biomimicry Thinking Design Process

In the following lecture-videos you will learn more about the Biomimicry design approach and about outstanding Nature-inspired projects from arround the world.

Regina Rowland
Together with Elisabeth Kopf she has co-founded the research, education and exhibition projekt Alphabet of Life. She is a Biomimicry specialist, trainer and educator.
Video, 27:56

Dayna Baumeister & Thomas Baumeister
Dayna Baumeister is together with Janine Benyus the co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8, her husband Thomas Baumeister is a biologist.
Lecture at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg (Sept 2018),
Video, 1:43:13